Rauf Uluğbey

28 Temmuz 2016 20:23


* First of all, I’m not sorry about being not wonderful about using “English Language”.  As one of our best comedians once said “If one day an English tourist speaks Turkish as good as a Turkish Taxi Driver when he/she takes a taxi to go to Blue Mosque, I promise to speak in English as fluent as an English Anchorman.”  

* On 15th of July 2016,  Fethullahist Terror Organization (FETO) tried a Coup to control Turkey and take down our democratic system.But TURKISH CITIZENS stayed in front of tanks and guns of  COUP , to protect DEMOCRACY ! Lots of them became marty. And also lots of them were  seriously wounded.

* FETO used its secret agents for its secret agenda in Turkish Army.

* They always say "We are muslim and respect all the people in the world. Peace, love and brotherhood.". But they shot people, destroyed cars by tanks, they opened fire from helicopters on Turkish protestors who has nothing except Turkish flags.

* While they were killing civil protestors and also Turkish police officers, the name of their coup is "Peace at home". What an Irony!

* FETO is an organization which shows itself as Gandhi Movement, works like OPUS DEI, always talk about Al-QA’IDA (thus, FETO could show itself against terrorism and earn legitimacy from Western Media), manipulate as GLADIO and kills people like ISIS.

* Leader of FETO, Fetullah Gulen, has psychological disorders. He says "Our movement is just like Messiah Jesus. So we love christians, jewish and so." But on the other hand, he says "I'm the dog of God (as kerberos in Greek mythology). He manipulates his organization by religious motivation and a faith above "wish for heaven". Can you imagine their brainwashing?   Against Kemalist Extremists, to Hands of FETO: “Jump out of the Frying Pan into Fire”  

* FETO lied to Turkish families and said them "If you want no more coups, more democracy for Turkish muslims, you should send your children to our schools. In this way, they will be able to join the army, police department, justice department, etc.". Because you know, all other coups in Turkey were from "Fanatic Secularists". In the time of Fanatic Secularists, if your mother wear hijap and your father doesn’t drink alcohol, it means that you are an “Islamic Extremist" in the eyes of them. By this motivation, Turkish people send their children to their schools.

* Think that how an Islamic organization can use the name of “hercules”? FETO's TV channel is “MILKY WAY”. Also the name of their newspaper is “TIME (KRONOS)". These names are all mythologic.

* FETO is just like a mix of Al-QA’IDA, ISIS and OPUS DEI. FETO has rich sympathizers, lots of students, universities, companies, secret polices, secret soldiers and 'kamikaze' people who can easily use their power to kill lots of people while they know they can’t escape imprisoning after this attempt. * FETO works with GLADIO, that’s why we are still in streets. There can be another coup attempt by GLADIO (Ergenekon) while we are trying to stop FETO (Ötüken).  

* In the near future, they will try to kill 9 000 famous people in Turkey (this is their 2nd plan). Then, if they can’t be successful they will show this as a plan of government. But why a government with the support of 49 % of all electors do that? Why the government try to destroy national economy and the security? Think about it! And know, illegal military activities are slowing down and economy is going better by the strategies of government from 2012 to Today!  

* Also FETO is trying to show our government to International Media “Turkish Government can’t stand any criticism!". But i'm an officer in one of government companies and I can write against Erdoğan in my facebook account. Although M. Kemal has passed years ago, nobody can criticize him “openly” in the social media; because of  “peer pressure”. But you can’t still say any good things about Erdogan near your “aristocrat friends”, because if you say some good words about Erdoğan, they can easily call you as an “Anatolian Watchdog”. You can see lots of entries about “being Anatolian Watchdog” in ""

* Cartoonists can always have fun with Erdoğan. There are some special newspapers to criticise every movement and every statement of Erdoğan and his party. Some of their statements are like as follows: “Sun isn’t on the sky in these summer days, did you sell it Tayyip!”, “No rain for a long time, it is because of Tayyips bad works!”, “Economy went bad, because of Tayyip”, “Economy gone better because Tayyip sold everything that Ataturk established and had lots of Money, but it will finish soon!”.

* Also you can make a video about our leader Erdoğan and say “We will kill you”, and justice department says that it is not a big thing. Can you imagine? People say “We will TRANSFIX him!” while pulling a halter on hands! Do you know him? He is Gökçe FIRAT, the editor of Turkish Internationalist Magazine, who says “Don’t eat ‘lahmacun’, because the cookers are KURD (just like PEGIDA! Remember that PEGIDA says “Don’t eat kebap because Turks earn money from Kebap!”). And he is a good friend of FETO journalist Ekrem DUMANLI. FETO's militants in justice deparment set him free! And FETO's newspaper and some of Erdoğan haters said “If justice deparment doesn’t let him free, this means Turkey is controlled by Erdoğan’s dictatorship!!!!"  

Gökçe FIRAT (beaver) and Ekrem DUMANLI is together! What a coincedence! Democratic(!) FETO  journalist and Transfixing man are so close to each other after FIRAT talked about Transfixing ERDOĞAN!    

* FETO always talks about “humanity”. But their satanic plan is brought into force by their secret soldiers as an extensive example of insanity! * On the other hand, they control billions of dollars. So they can easily publish manipulations about Turkish Democratic Protestors.

* And now, there are millions of people in streets. Kemalists, conservatives, Sunni Muslims, Alevi Muslims and also non-believers. FETO killed not only conservative citizens, but also the people coming from bars, who come to protest the coup attempt while they were drinking beer.

* Not only Erdoğan supporters but also Republician Party supporters and Patriot Movement Party supporters are in the streets. * Women wearing hijap and women wearing pants and shorts are in the streets. * Also African people living in Turkey support Turkish Democratic Protest against Coup Movement.  

* Citizens from Europe and USA! All people from East to West and South to North!  Stop Believing What You See In Internet Or Tv, Immediately!

* As J. F. Kennedy said in his last speech, before he was killed: “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence… It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly-knit, highly-efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. “Its preparations are concealed not published. It’s mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.”

* This Global Evil Organization sometimes uses AL-QUIDA in the USA, sometimes OPUS DEI in Europe, sometimes FETO and PKK in Turkey, sometimes ETA in Spain like IRA in England as YPG in Syria... And this Global Satanic Organization always uses two tools “media” and “bias”!

* Think that HITLER and his NAZI MOVEMENT killed millions of Jewish, but nobody can say that all Germans or Catholics are EVIL? Or Stalin killed so many people too, but it is not fair to blame all Russians or Orthodoxes from this? Or think about “ku klux klan" which burned Afro-American people ?

* What about the things done in Algeria by French General Jacques Massu? Can we have a BIAS about French people for these massacres? Or can we say bad words about Judaism or Jewish people because of GAZA massacres?  

* What do you think, my American Brothers and Sisters? Can Muslim people have bad feelings about you, because of what your government did in IRAQ?

Real Photos From Iraq by American Soldiers: Totally Sadistic!  

Jewish, Turkish, American, English, German, Nigerian, Palestinian, East Turkistan Turks, French, Algerian, Egyptian, Japanese,  Indian, Chinese, Atheist, Orthodox, Sunni, Shiah, Budist, White skin etc... All of Us are the owner of this world! Nobody is slave! Nobody deserves to be killed! Nobody deserves to be poor and hungry!

We, The good people, have to be as  BRAVE as the bad ones!  We have to be AWAKE all the time! We have to be in touch with different people from different cultures and beliefs! Let pray for us, send you government delegates to TURKEY against COUP, change your profile pictures on facebook as you do when ISIS attacted PARIS !

Support our  Democracy of Turkish Republic and learn more about how 70 million Turkish Democratic people stand against tanks,helicopters and guns  of COUP , we called this as: “TURKOCRACY”.

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